This mod was actually kind of fun to do.


Now I can add water to the radiator after doing a coolant change or whatever without pulling the false tank to get to the radiator cap.


The end result is the original fan is now in itÕs old home and no more ugly pusher fan.

HereÕs a short video of the finished job before putting the side covers on.


First thing is to drill a hole opposite the existing filler neck.

ThereÕs a raised edge you might be able to make out here, which is exactly opposite the filler neck on the other side of the radiator.





Cut off the old filler neck with a dremel.

ItÕs cut at a angle like this so I could fold the copper over and solder closed.



Test fit with the side cover on looks good.

It just so happens the internal diameter of the filler neck is the same outside diameter of a 3/4Ó copper pipe. With a copper elbow and a short copper nipple it solders up nicely.



What I used to mount the radiator is conduit clamps both on the bottom and top frame rail. Then with a 4 inch long 1/4Ó bolt thru the middle of the clamp and a nut to keep it there, the 4 inch length gave me plenty of option to use nuts and washers to adjust the radiator forward. The antifreeze you see is spill and not a leak.




A shot of the conduit clamp and mounting from the under side with double nuts to keep everything tight.




Some spray paint on the finished job after a pressure test.

I moved the dipstick to an angle because with the radiator pushed forward the dipstick tube was too short and looked like the fender might hit it, itÕs easier to check the oil now anyway.




I thought the finished job might be more of an eyesore than the pusher fan but it finishes out pretty good and everything tucked in real nice.



Since the filler tube is at the angle like this it makes filling the radiator a slow process because the air doesnÕt come out as well as it does pointing straight up. I filled a water bottle with coolant and using a tube funnel it goes in ok. After warming up the engine with the cap off the last bit of air came out, put the cap on and fill the reservoir. As the engine cools it sucks in the rest and gets filled completely.


Email me if you want to do this. IÕll be happy to help in any way I can.



I added a shot from the side with everything bolted up and running.